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6 Comments to I Am You - The American Dream - The American Dream

  1. Kazir says:
    The idea of the american dream as it was portrayed in TV and history in general and how people teach their children to be successful is to get an education and finish school and go out and get a job and work your way to a good paying position in that job you have started out on. people would generally get married and have children.
  2. Moogujin says:
    Mar 23,  · Do you see what I am talking about here? Life was supposed to be better living the American Dream as I was taught. But it was not. The American Dream of True Freedom. Living the American Dream for me is now about the freedom to pursue my passion and make a living doing what I .
  3. Kesida says:
    Dec 13,  · After the Depression, many presidents supported the idea of the American Dream as a pursuit of material benefits. President Franklin D. Roosevelt outlined an Economic Bill of Rights in his State of the Union address. He defined the pursuit of happiness as decent housing, a .
  4. Malrajas says:
    Mar 03,  · I am living the American dream, but it’s only while people who look like Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, are living the American nightmare. You probably already know the story about my American dream. My parents grew up in .
  5. Misida says:
    Nov 26,  · The American Dream is still alive; it just depends on how you define it. For me, The American Dream is about success in terms of what you wish for. Compared to many other countries in the world, America is a place where you have the opportunity to determine your own bigband.coifynmeztijindgazan.infoinfo: Cecilia Rosell.
  6. Kir says:
    You name it- economics, politics, law, work, business, education- and the American Dream is there, the nation at some level a marketplace of competing interpretations and visions of what it means.

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